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Work Stress-free. No more procrastination. Enjoy more productivity.



Your home office needs to run efficiently for the best productivity!

Home Office Rescue

Life can be better! Lady who is taking charge of her space!


After 3 years, ‘The ONE-ROOM RESCUE tm is still available to work ONE-ON-ONE personally with you! I’m a personal Decorator and Feng Shui Coach-Consultant. I use a unique Energy Profiling to quickly size up the competition, and get the advantage! Working as a detective, I can view exactly what needs to be done! QUICKLY & Efficiently!

Personal Programs to help you work with less-stress, more productivity, better results and SO MUCH MORE!

Sort out the cryptic messages you send yourself each day; these messages can support or stifle you!

Set boundaries for your home and work needs; a solution for the whole family!

Available through Skype/Zoom: On-Line wherever you are!

  • Take charge: find the power spot wherever you need to be in charge.
  • What’s on your walls: allow only the positives in your space.
  • Find functional & flow: ergonomics, lighting and color therapy can reveal a safe place to work. Let’s review your logo and cryptic messages you’re sending.
  • Paper overwhelm: create a system that works for you.

The Results:

  • No more procrastination: without chaos, you will be focused and productive.
  • Enjoy more productivity with less stress!
  • Tangible results: Tips to use when building relationships and cultivate new clients!
  • Your Personal Feng Shui Rescue will be with you for LIFE; the changes will never go out of style!

**Perfect for Business Entrepreneurs with Home Offices

who need help with function & flow for business productivity.


Let’s chat if you have questions:  Calendly – Kathryn Wilking Let’s Connect!

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 NEED MORE INFO? Here’s How it Works:

  • Floor plan layout: I will seek auspicious areas and ‘best areas’ for you to work; define these areas for productivity.
  • Desk area and flow: Clutter management is personal, you’ll receive tips to help keep things organized.
  • Determine Supports: Wall images, graphics and color solutions to help cultivate positive, productive vibes.
  • Create SMART signals to send to your ideal clients; review your logo and it’s impact on your key clients.
  • Personal Element Profile: We’ll review your strengths & weaknesses in business so you can move forwards. This exploration will also help you find the edge when recruiting help, closing sales and building relationships.
  • JUST FOR YOU to stay on track. We’ll draft an easy sales-talk for you using the Personal E-profiling!
  • ZOOM Etiquette: Your new business card should be fine-tuned to greet the changing market!

QUICK & EASY TIME COMMITMENT: 4 HOURS over 2-4 WEEKS! Additional time required for your assignments. 

NOTE: I recommend to schedule your HOUR LONG POWER SESSIONs for the full four weeks. There will be a ‘to-do’ assignments each week, so plan time to change/shift things just as you plan the weekly video session. Take this time to consider what’s most important to you!

Let’s chat before getting started: Calendly – Kathryn Wilking Let’s Connect!

Let’s chat for 30-minutes to connect and determine objectives you require.

You will also receive the ‘Practical Feng Shui for the Office’ PDF book and be asked to take the Personal E-Profile Quiz.

Need more details? Here’s the outline, and yet, there is flexibility to address intricate issues.

FIRST CALL: SETTING THE STAGE – Define the physical space you NEED, and then, set yourself up in the POWER POSITION for success. Suggestions for lighting, ergonomics, color therapy, organization and paper issues. Learn more about applying discrete, cryptic reinforcements into your space.

Your personal energy and commitment will cultivate momentum for this first success!

Homework 20-30 min. ARRANGE  what you need, cull what you don’t need.

SECOND CALL:  CULTIVATE SUPPORTS – Working with less-stress,  gather your workload regarding clients and goals to determine your workflow. Daily functions could vary from on-line creativity or correspondence, Skype/ZOOM calls or personal meetings. Evaluate your relationship with money and how to create new habits. We’ll use this outline to determine the next steps to set up the ULTIMATE SPACE that will work for you!

Homework 20-30 min. Craft Your MONEY MAGNET

THIRD CALL: CYCLE IN MOTION – Deep-dive study of The Energy Elements Cycle. We’ll review how to define your ideal client and draft a script using the energy elements formula. You will also receive the Five Elements Chart and Resource Cards. CREATE a Money Magnet in your wallet and GET SET to brainstorm a cash infusion this week. BONUS: How to get to know your client in 3 minutes or less! Create Client-Action-Calls for FIVE different types of conversations; utilize your new communication secrets.

Homework 20-30 min. Brainstorm for a CASH INFUSION

FOURTH CALL: TOOLS FOR SUCCESS – Fine-tune the support-system for your self-check accountability; where you’ll become your own cheerleader and regulator. We’ll also discuss contracts and options for growth in the next level, and then, brainstorm a plan-of-action to find people who need your services. We’ll look at your ZOOM calling-card and brain storm action steps new clients.
Tie up loose ends: Some people require assistance in mindset, morning routines, paper clutter, and more. This last session is specially tailored for YOU!

Note: The One-Room OFFICE RESCUE program is delivered as a ONE-ON-ONE Video Consultation through Skype or Zoom.

Are you ready to get started?

Change won’t happen unless you change something!

The Universe always presents a solution...


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