Hi! I’m Kathryn Wilking.

I am an author, decorator, Feng Shui expert, and podcast host—all wrapped into one!

Let me tell you a bit more about my story. (early pics, relatable, poke fun at me) I re-married back in 1998 to a wonderful guy Stephen. We each had a young boy and a cat.

A match made in heaven!

Yet, you see, my husbands first wife died early. So, when we first moved in together, a lot of her stuff came into the house. Concert piano, rugs, brass pots and other memorabilia; they’d lived a few years in India on assignment and came back with A LOT of stuff

All those years of being a Decorator, and – I didn’t know what to do with it all.

That’s when I called for my first feng shui consultant.

What happened next? The feng shui lady who came to the house looked almost like I am today. Middle aged, grey hair and I thought; ‘How did she learn this? I want more!’

She explained to me about how the energy shifts in a home, seasonally, annually and even daily. Paying attention to the common areas in the home, will encourage us to bond and make new family memories. The private areas would take care of themselves.

I was hooked. I learned how to make new boundaries, cultivate supports in our living room and eating area… and shifted things for ALL of us to thrive in our new environment.

Feng Shui teachings have rippled through our home, cultivating success in many areas. I eliminated so much stress, supported my marriage and arranged things to thrive in my business, good investments and so, so, much more!

You can bring these results into your home very easily. I’ll take you through every step of the way. Get the Feng Shui advantage in life. Learn more about cultivating healthy relationships with your spouse, kids, co-workers and so much more.