Feng Shui is about more than moving furniture, it’s about shifting energy, finding clarity, creating peace for yourself and your family; re-balancing your life so it serves you better.

~ And yes, we might move your couch to get there!

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Creating balance in your home spreads out to every other area of your life. It improves your relationships, shifts you into a calm, relaxed, confident mindset, and actually helps you make better decisions so you can keep moving towards an even more harmonious lifestyle.

Many of my clients are families, or blended families, trying to balance everyday demands with nearly constant changes (kids growing up, kids moving out, grandma moving in, new jobs, lost jobs, births, deaths, and everything in between). Life happens. The only constant is change.

Change usually causes STRESS!

Stress which makes it all too easy to cultivate conflict rather than closeness. Money flying out the door, disagreements with your spouse or kids, neglecting self-care – all of those are often the fallout of shifts in life.

Proper function and flow leads to harmony, abundance and fulfillment.

When we have a calm center – a home that nurtures us – we have more capacity to see the opportunities in change. We are better equipped to find more joy and love.

I’m Kathryn Wilking. More than a decade ago, I was living in a beautiful house in a lovely neighbourhood,

and I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t thriving. I tried having my horoscope done, my tarot cards read, and nearly bought out the self-help section of my local bookstore. I was trying to understand my purpose in life. 

Kathryn brings warmth and compassion.

It wasn’t until I found Feng Shui that I felt empowered to look at my life differently – and I discovered that I was free to arrange my LIFE purposefully and with intention. I can take charge and have my home supportive of me – and help my own blended family come together.

I’ve worked for years as a Decorator & Colour Consultant, but Feng Shui is different. It isn’t about how things look – it’s about how the energy makes you feel (and everyone else in your space). Simple things such as adjusting the position of a mirror, changing the color of a curtain, or adding a fountain – they create ripple effects out into the rest of your life, affecting how people see you and how you see yourself.

Changing the energy of your space can change your life.

It’s certainly changed mine (and my clients’ lives too!)

Here are just a few of the things Feng Shui can help you with:

  • Creating more harmony with your partner and children (even in the anxious teen years)
  • Cultivate Out-of-no-where opportunities in your career & bring financial abundance
  • Finding clarity and paths where you didn’t see them before
  • Feeling energized, motivated and happy in your home, office, or home office!
  • More fun in the boudoir (!)
  • Clearing energetic ‘stuck-ness’ that has kept you from moving forward

Q: What does blocked energy look like? – Opportunities not working out, lazy, feeling stuck, feeling drained or tired all the time.

Your Consultation begins with a 30-minute phone call; prioritize the issues and what to expect before I arrive.


~ ‘I have had the pleasure of working with Kathryn for almost a decade, and have always enjoyed her warm and thoughtful manner. Over the years she has generously offered a few excellent tips and ideas for my office, so when I decided I wanted to make some changes in my personal life, I asked Kathryn to come to my home for a Feng Shui Consultation.

During our initial conversation about my areas of focus, she immediately came up with a number of easy and immediate changes to support those areas. One of Kathryn’s great talents is being able to create effective change within your environment utilizing your own beloved furniture and belongings instead of needing to go out and search for, and buy, all new things. However, if she does suggest an item for a cure, she also has a really wonderful set of resources for your shopping needs-  and will even go hunting with you!

Kathryn gave me some practical and easily attainable ideas for me to work with and our goal is to reconnect seasonally to work with the different elements as they evolve. Thus far, the results have been dramatic and, more importantly, I enjoy my home so much more.’


~-Kathryn is very much a professional, I’ve known her for a number of years and from the start have tried to make changes to my home and office based on her suggestions, recommendations and the Feng Shui principles she teaches.

I asked her to come over for a quick walk-about after we experienced a break in.  A number of issues came up, fortunately none had anything to do with the break in.  She discovered my home office was of particularity full of negative energy which is why for years I’ve had a hard time spending productive time there.  As a result, I’ve remodeled the office (paint and moving the furniture and discarding things) and can say I’m now spending more productive time than before.

My understanding and I’m not an expert, but in the work environment, meeting rooms, offices and such all have power positions. Knowing these, I’ve made a habit of always planting myself in the most powerful position available. I’ve purchased her book, Feng Shui for the Office, as well as some Feng Shui products and have used her services.

I would highly recommend Kathryn Wilking Designs for an honest evaluation and recommendations based on years of experience.

Thanks Ken Hembroff


Investment starts at $599. (depending on location and size of your home)

The total time involved at your home varies. Easily 2-3+ hours of in-home Feng Shui consulting that addresses your unique challenges, family dynamics, career goals, and – of course – coordinate everyone’s individual tastes!

What we’ll do in our time together:

  • First we’ll walk around your house to find where some of the larger energy blockages are (the ones keeping you from great opportunities and abundance) and I’ll give you suggestions for how to counteract them.
  • We’ll find the most auspicious areas of your home and plan ways for those areas to support you in your specific goals. Need more money? A stronger professional reputation? Better communication with your teenager? Let me know your goals and we’ll create the energetic pathways to making them happen.
  • As we go, we may talk about how to lift moods; ways to raise chi-energy. You may decide to use colour therapy, how to add spice to your romantic relationship, how to make family and friend relationships more supportive, how to turn your home office into a ‘money magnet’ and more! If there’s an area of your life that isn’t working quite as well as it should, ask me about it.
  • Choose three rooms that we can immediately work on – hands-on rearranging! At the end of the day, you can use the space more productively. We’ll make sure the energy flow of each space supports you and your family. The kitchen, the bedroom, and the home-office are great places to start, for most clients.

With your package, you’ll also receive two follow-up phone calls from me personally. The first one, in about seven days to check in with your progress. Another in 30 days; this one to recap your goals and help to develop a realistic path ahead. Please note I am available for questions and shopping advice at this time.

You’ll also get some BONUS reading materials:

  • Book: Practical Feng Shui for the Office, by Kathryn Wilking
  • E-Booklet: Colour Therapy to Lift Moods
  • E-booklet: Feng Shui for Solid Relationships
  • E-booklet: Your Home Office Can Be a Money Magnet

REAL COMMENT from interested client- ‘Your background in color is one reason I choose to work with you over the Feng Shui consultant next door.

Your Consultation begins with a 30-minute phone call; prioritize the issues and what to expect before I arrive.


~ Hi Kathryn!

We just started making changes in our home. Things are great!

We just started making changes in our home. Things are great!

Thank you for caring. (My son) is now sleeping in his own bed; loves his space full of stickers!

We are okay now.’ Biljana

~ ‘Kathryn is a focused feng shui expert. She understands what a space needs not only based on her expertise in Feng Shui, but also from a very intuitive perspective. She has generously facilitated the process of enhancing my home and my husband’s office by walking through each room thoughtfully and addressing all aspects of each room.

She teaches as she goes along in a way that helps me understand the importance of each suggestion she makes. She follows up with comprehensive reports, suggestions, findings and thoughtful questions, all of which have helped immensely in our quest to improve various aspects of our lives.

I am thrilled with the results too! There are many examples of how her work is facilitating positive shifts in our lives:

  • She has suggested crystals (only if we are open to having them) to enhance our relationship, career and wealth areas. All three areas have brightened and improved. My career is bubbling with exciting new developments at just the right pace for me, my husband is taking on new exciting projects and our love for each other has grown 1000-fold.
  • Her recommendation for timed lights in the family and relationship areas have also enhanced our family harmony and our attentiveness towards one another.
  • Suggestions for furniture placement and colour enhancements have been awesome. Things flow better and look much more pleasing in our home!
  • A few interesting and curious additions are her copper rods and rings. Several rods have been placed in areas that were showing signs of geopathic They worked! The areas are showing significant improvements as are the corresponding aspects of our lives! As for the copper rings – they sit on the driver seats in our vehicles and sometimes we move them to our office chairs. They give us both a huge energy boost! They are surprising tools that we had no idea about prior to meeting Kathryn.

Kathryn, thank you for your generous and caring spirit, your focused time and expertise, and your abundance of knowledge around how to improve our home, our office and our lives. You’ve helped to brighten our lives in so many ways and we are infinitely grateful.’

Not sure if this is for you?

Typically, the people I work with are struggling with at least one of the Nine Areas of Life. They come to me because they are dissatisfied with some aspects of their lifestyle including health, wealth, career, success, relationships, family, children, home, or office.

You may initially inquire about something specific, yet, there could be another area that is stagnant or an interference:

  • Wealth and Abundance issues are often paired with clutter, obstacles, or other energetic conflicts in the Career Area of the home.
  • Relationship issues are symbiotic with Knowledge and Self Discovery.
  • Without a good night’s sleep, your Health could need a boost in order for you to function during the day and find that career success, and show up as a kinder, more patient version of yourself with your family.

Feng Shui is very practical, subtle, and it works! In a very gentle way, uses energy to shift things in your life. Learning to harness or manipulate that energy can help you be in charge of your life!

Frequently Asked Q’s

Do I need to clean the house before you arrive?

No! Absolutely not, and I will not make any judgements about the cleanliness or muddle of things in your home (I’ve got kids and pets too). It’s actually more useful to me to see your home in its ‘natural state.’ Then, I can help you problem-solve the clutter issues.

How should I prepare before we meet? Do I need to shoo my spouse and kids out of the house?

No need to prep, other than  having some specific questions or areas of your life you’d like to focus on. And, your spouse and kids are welcome to be in on the conversation if they’d like to be.

Uh… can we not tell my husband about this?

Not everyone’s spouses are fans of Feng Shui, and in such cases, discretion is my middle name. Feng Shui is very practical and discrete.

Are you like Marie Kondo? Do I have to fold things for a week?

The answer is ‘maybe’! I love Marie Kondo and how she relates to people. Yet, my style: I tend to focus first on arranging the larger stuff in order for you to unblock things and shift energy; allowing a flow into your space. And then, I’ll suggest we look at the smaller ‘catches of things’ that can also block/affect you to move forwards: books, clothes, collections, etc.

Do you help de-clutter?

I’ll give you specific suggestions about how to organize your things for less clutter, but I won’t personally organize your stuff. Your ‘stuff’ has your imprint on it; you need to make the change in order to ‘shift things’ in your life.

What actually happens when you get here?

People ask me all the time, “What are you going to do at my house?”

It really depends on the situation, as every site visit is different, but ultimately the result is the same: I provide practical tips, tools and recommendations to make positive changes to your home, furnishings, office and lifestyle to solve home, career and relationship challenges – bringing YOU more comfort, harmony and flow back into your life. And, less stress!

If you are considering purchasing a new home, I can evaluate the new floor plan. By identifying auspicious areas, you’ll learn to get these areas working for you faster; we can cultivate support for that area right away!

If you want something to change in your life, you need to change something.


~ ‘Kathryn, Thank you for your suggestions. And yes, I totally feel like I’ve stepped into a new life for myself — it feels amazing!

The search for the right artwork really helped, and I added an old-look shelving unit yesterday; it has noticeably improved how I feel in my home. When all the new artwork is on the walls, I’ll send you pics :). Thank you!’

– Professor of Business, U of T

 Is it time to make sense of your space? 

A Total Makeover begins when you are ready. Life is continually moving and changing; let me show you how easy it is to sort things out and help you thrive. Are you ready to get started?

Your Consultation begins with a 30-minute phone call; we’ll prioritize the issues and what to expect before I arrive.

PRICES START AT $599. Depending on location and size of structure involved.

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