Frequently Asked Q ‘s and Biggest Myths About Feng Shui

1. People think its all about clutter and tossing things out. It’s not. That’s what we call Stage One; dealing with the tangibles for function and flow. This is the stage where you deal with a lot of visual distractions and need to make decisions (or not). The logical and practical approach is to figure out what you need to support you.

2. Many believe Feng Shui is a religious sect. It’s not. Feng Shui does have Buddhist roots, but its not a religion. Buddhism is quiet ethical. Just like many religions, it supports good clean living with family values and integrity. It is practical, ethical and it works!

3. Do I need to buy a fountain, or goldfish? Will my house look like a Chinese circus? No. And yet, when you learn more about auspicious areas, there are certain items you may like to bring into the home to cultivate abundance. P.S. Water features are related to money and abundance.

4. Where’s the money? Abundance comes in many forms. Often, people need to line-up many things specifically in order to ‘attract’ the right energy; and to SEE the opportunities ahead.

5. How to explain feng shui to my husband? Tell him what he needs to know. You’re learning about setting up the house to make more sense and are going to adapt some new decorating tips into the home. Also tell him, your private bedroom will be more enticing when you finish the makeover. (!)

In order to find the balance and learn to love your life again, we DO need to take charge of our own space! Feng Shui can be the answer.

Let’s get your space working for YOU!