Your Words are Your Wand

Your Words are Your Wand

by Kathryn Wilking

Your Words are Your Wand

Your Words are Your Wand

So, you want less stress? I hear this all the time.
Feng Shui helps tremendously to reduce stress in many ways:

  • Your visual setting can be staged just for you: less clutter is less stressful.
  • You can surround yourself with the things and colors you love.
  • You can sing praises and gratitude to the universe.
  • You can meditate until the ‘cows come home’.

After all the work we DO to create less-stress, we still continue to bring more stress into our lives. Think about it.

This is serious. If you cannot get your thoughts and speech under control, you’ll sabotage everything you’ve worked for!

We are all continuing to grow, learn and experience life.
All words have a vibration.

The not-so-nice-words have a lower vibration.

The grateful, pleasant, encouraging words have a higher vibration.

Your words can reveal a helping hand or a loud scolding.

Try changing out some of the adjectives you are using regularly to see/hear the difference. Swapping out a ‘swear word’ for another descriptive word is a great start to raising your positive vibration.  Our greater goal here is to guide the next generation to try, to be, to sort out, to THINK in order to take over what we’ve left behind. Finding the right words to encourage others work through mistakes will go a long way to show support. Keeping your ‘vibration’ high can help to think positively and figure out practical solutions in order to work through problems.

Many times, I hear people praising deities for their blessings, and then, spit out profanities using the same words to blame their unfair situation.

Your thoughts and words carry a vibration. Therefore, you are in charge of your own mishaps!
It’s like waving a magic wand and NOT wishing for only-the-best for yourself.


So, who is to blame when you have stressful situations to deal with? Perhaps is just circumstances.
I can relate. I really do. Sometimes, life is just too much:

  • General complaining can bring down your vibration.
  • Disagreements and arguments also have a low vibe.
  • Binge watching the news, violent movies or war games can keep your vibe low.
  • Jealousy and retaliation can harbor hate and pull you down.

We need to take charge of what we can! Shake off what we can and, continue to raise the vibration!
You have the power to change an unhappy condition  just by waving a wand over your words! How cool is that?

According to the writings of Florence Scovel-Shinn…
“You are continually reaping the fruits of your words.”

Watch your words. Wish for only positives results for everyone involved whether it be for money, love, happiness or health.
Every person has the power and ability to lift the fog and raise the vibration in their life.
Wishing only amazing blessings show up for you!
~ Kathryn