Nurturing Earth Energy

Woo Woo?

March 9, 2023

Breathe in fresh energy wherever you go, even if you cannot see; just feel…

Woo-Woo? (Weird stuff we can’t see…)

The main intention of this blog is about encouraging you to look at things differently. And then, seize the opportunity to take charge of your own space, your stuff and your life!

We started with the First layer of Feng Shui; learning about Function and Flow.
The Second layer was about the cryptic messages we send ourselves though color, shapes and images.
The Third, is the spiritual component, also known as ‘woo- woo’ (weird stuff we cannot see).

~ Feng Shui does include ‘things you cannot see’;

this level touches on many things.

Many Feng Shui Experts combine several metaphysical things into their services. Anything from ergonomics, safety issues, numerology, face reading, dowsing, pendulum, reiki, space clearing, meditation, blessing rituals and more.

When you are ‘in tune’ with the energy of yourself, your space and your environment, you’ll know you are in the groove of something wonderful! Chi-energy at it’s BEST!

Many alternate-care practitioners have their own routine to help connect to a higher force; so they can raise their own vibration, in order to help others. There are no deep secrets, yet there’s a lot of information to discover to find out what works best for you.

Get yourself ready to embrace Feng Shui to the fullest,
set your intentions and make positive choices to grow, to see, to feel and BE!
Set yourself up for success: Only a true connection that begins when you get quiet.

Be quiet.

It is so difficult these days to slow down and be still. Ground yourself.
Listen to the stillness. Slower breaths. Relax. Tune into your heart beat. Tune into your gut.
Tune into your seven key chakras. Connect to your higher power; whatever that may be for you.

Acknowledge that there is a higher power. Turn to the light… the heavens and beyond. Ask forgiveness. Be grateful. Feel compassion for fellow humans, animals, trees, mother earth and more.

Turn off the mind-chatter. Some people use white noise, music, sound vibrations or singing bells.
And then, only then, can you think positive thoughts and make sound decisions for the greater good.

Feng Shui promotes clean, healthy positive living;

what we need more of these days.

A multi faceted Feng Shui crystal can lift your vibration; bringing rainbows into your space all year ’round!

Creating new habits takes time. Learning quiet and patience is a new skill; be kind to yourself. Embrace what works for you, and leave the rest for now.

Surround yourself with only things, and people,
that bring joy and love into your life!

~ It’s been my honor and pleasure to share these tips, secrets and insight with you today. May you find, and keep, the balance in your life! ~ Kathryn