True Colours with Karen Aydt

True Colours with Karen Aydt

December 6, 2021

Karen Aydt is a public speaker, coach, mother, rock singer, world-traveler, and founding member of several businesses and initiatives. Now, with her own company, Inner Design International, Karen is facilitating fun, interactive, Game-Changing Workshops for individuals, teams and corporations based on the True Colours personality system.

Through 30 years of business leadership as an entrepreneur and training with many world-class organizations, Karen has become a master of helping people transform their ability to perform, communicate, and relate to others in a powerfully authentic way.

The SEGWAY: FS and Personality Profiling … i.e. Feng Shui also uses the Five Elements in Chinese Medicine for all kinds of things including personality profiling…They call it chi-energy. By recognizing the yin feminine aspect –yang male, more aggressive characteristics…they figured out how their actions and trails relate to the earth properties simliar to your  True Colour Personality Methodology system– AMAZING INSIGHT!

What you can learn about yourself in a workshop!

I did do the True Colours QUIZ many years ago, I discovered I had the characteristics of an orange. Gal beside me was green…she was very upset!

~”It’s FUN being ORANGE, yet, tough being GREEN!” – Kathryn Wilking


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