The Magic of Fire Elements

The Magic of Fire Elements

The Magic of Fire Elements


Summer time is all about excitement, laughter, sunshine and being outside!
When fall arrives, we venture inside. And yet, we still need the Fire-element in our lives. We NEED the spark!

What draws us this to this light, this spark, this mesmerizing element?

The fire-element is no-doubt the most exciting element!


What attracts us to fire?

It’s bright! It’s light! And, the fire-energy moves upwards!
You can’t help yourself; it commands attention away from all the other elements!

Outside, you many be drawn to fireworks and bon fires in wonder and amazement.

Inside, we’ll need to bring in other things to raise that spark:

  • Light a candle for dinner… every evening.
  • Plants with sharp, dramatic leaves are also represent the fire element;
  • Bring some RED textiles into the décor. Represent the fire element with a table cloth, a red pillow for the couch or -wear something red.
  • Bring fire into your home through landscapes/seascapes on the wall. Sunrises and sunsets are always breathtaking!
  • Just bring in more light! A chandelier is a common fixture in the entranceway, but you can still hang a few more lights over the windows –inside! It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a party this week, just do it!- Hang string lights in the living area for FUN!.

  • And of course, nothing beats a warm hearth on chilly evenings.

    Bringing the fire-element into the darker days of autumn and winter can, and will, lift your mood.

    Check it out: What can you do today to bring the fire inside your space?

Enjoy your journey, wherever it takes you!

Warmth, Kathryn

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