The Feng Shui Advantage- Book

The Feng Shui Advantage- Book

by Kathryn Wilking

Practical Feng Shui For The Office

**NEW for 2023** The Feng Shui Advantage; Get Your Space Working for You!

Working at Home, or is it Living at Work?

The last few years has seen a massive social upheaval, as families strive to find a new work routine and balance, while juggling the chores and realities of the day within their homes. As well, many had to step back from climbing the corporate ladder to face realities of the ‘sandwich years’; looking after others older and younger than themselves. And reducing the focus on their jobs can often cultivate more stress!

Setting priorities to meet all the demands of modern day life can be done, cultivating a calm, stress-free, rewarding lifestyle.

So get your space working for you and find the work-life-home-balance by applying the principles of Feng Shui! This book will show you how to find a supportive space to work, set boundaries and be more productive.

My first book, Practical Feng Shui for the Office; Finding Your Individual Balance in the Workplace, was published in 2013. It was all about cubicle and corporate lifestyle; setups and in-depth study with The Five Elements of Chinese Medicine.

When Covid came along in 2020, that book lost some of its relevance. It wasn’t out of date, but I needed to address the key issues of working at home. Through the help of a new publisher, we decided to re-launch parts of the first book and enhance the message with details addressing the vital issues for today: working from home, setting boundaries and dealing with multiple devices all over the house!

Introducing: The Feng Shui Advantage; Get your Space Working for You!

You’ll find Practical Advice in this Book for…

  • Working at Home

  • Power Positions

  • Clutter Habit Cues

  • Setting up your Space

  • Zoom Etiquette

  • EMF’s and You

All the best for you to live the most amazing and rewarding life you deserve, Kathryn.