The Banana Cure

The Banana Cure

October 4, 2021

The Banana Cure

What does this mean?

Feng Shui ‘shouldn’t’ be weird or abrasive; it should help your space flow with grace and harmony. There is no need be uncomfortable with a ‘cure’ or correction to shift energy in your space. It’s easy to solve issues through logic, common sense and instinct when you take the time to solve the problem.

Follow Your Natural Instincts:
~ If you are cold, put on a sweater.
~ If you are tired, take a nap.
~ If you are coming down with a cold, eat chicken soup and get more rest.
~ If you have a headache or a stressful day, many people turn to aspirin, alcohol or medication. (The logic is there -you know your own vices.)
Feng Shui, has been described as the Art of Placement. A method of arranging your space and things in your space, in order to cultivate something specific: wealth, health, relationships, family ties, good luck, etc. Often an easy ‘cure’/adjustment/enhancement can help shift energy in your space!

It is EASY to pinpoint something that is out-of-place.

Imagine my surprise when my husband, Stephen, came through the kitchen this week and saw this banana. He got very suspicious! Our conversation went something like this:
S- What’s this on the counter?
K-  It’s a banana.
S- But, what’s it for?
K- I didn’t want the whole banana, so I set it down.
S- (panic sets in…) What does this mean? Why is it pointing that way?
K- It’s not pointing at anything, it’s just a banana.
S- So, its not a Feng Shui thing?
K- No.
S- Just checking. So, its up for grabs?
K- Sure.
–Relax, Hubby…
(Husbands of Feng Shui Professionals learn to be tolerable.)

Defining a specific problem and taking action is the best way to handle an issue.
I help find practical solutions that fit perfectly for problems using things you already have in your home.

There are many levels in Feng Shui and different ways to look at things using these three levels of secrets.

First we have the tangibles, the things we can SEE and MOVE if necessary.

Second, the cryptic messages we send ourselves, influenced by colour, shape, images and even other people’s energy patterns.

Third, the mind set. If we set an intention to change something for the better in our lives, this must be in-line with your morals, integrity and intentions.

And sometimes, a banana is just a banana.
Have a great one, Kathryn

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