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Take Back the Lost Weekend

May 5, 2022

Can you relate?

We all know the feeling of ‘losing the weekend’ to chores, obligations and guilt visits. How does feng shui help with this?

I received a call from Tara this past week, expressing that she’s a bit down running the household and that she feels she’s ‘missing out’ on the fun every weekend.

It seems the chores, the dishes, the shopping are overwhelming.

Feng Shui talks about the energy; ‘balancing’ the energy in all areas: self, others, the environment around us and in the planet. A large task!

If someone, or someone’s life is not in balance,

anxiety, depression and self-medication

can tip the balance in all areas of life.

Let’s just look at one area today; the chores.

Years ago when I was first learning feng shui (my full story is on my website: About Kathryn  )

I heard about balancing the Nine Areas of Life, and almost fell over!

“REALLY? NINE AREAS of life! –Don’t do this to me!

I was remarried at the time but, I still DIDN’T have time for this!

Let’s begin with some steps to give you more time for YOU!

~ Thanks for the note, Tara.

It does sound unfair that mom has to miss much of the fun because of the chores and a need to keep the house clean.
I’ve been there. A single mom for almost 10 years and then “Person in Charge’ at home,  working full time and running a household, while my hubby travelled for work.
Even when one is married, it can be a lonely job.

A couple thing I can suggest today:

First, define the issues that seem to be conflict areas: laundry, dishes, garbage, grass cutting, vacuuming, etc. And then, call a family meeting. The intention is about cultivating teamwork in your home, not about complaining and blaming.

The message should be: We are a family living together and all are required to pitch in and help to keep things running smoothly. Here are the things that need to be done each week. Together, we’ll sort out how we can all pitch in and help.

Use the terms ‘we’, ‘our’ and ‘lets’. These terms will shift the problem solving meeting into another perspective such as working as a team. Open discussion.

Ex: What needs to be done before everyone goes out tomorrow? How can we each help? Should we have a lesson about (loading the dishes) so that everyone is on the same page? Can everyone do ONE THING per day to help out around the house?

Example: load/unload dishes in the dishwasher, sort laundry, tidy shoes at the front door, cut the grass, plan lunches…etc.

I remember my 6 yr volunteering to vacuumed. Yes, he vacuumed like a six yrs old, but does that matter? Teaching responsibility is rarely perfect the first time. He also watered the plants…like a six yr old. So I had to double –check on that child.

Kids love to help! It may not be perfect, but you are cultivating good team habits.

Another idea is to split up the chores, not just with each other, but, which ones can you move into the work week; leaving more time on the weekend?

Could the kids start their laundry on a Wednesday night? Can you schedule grocery shopping on a Thursday night?

Have a basket handy to pick up stray items!

When the boys were older, I only cooked 3 nights a week as their schedules for school and work weren’t always consistent.

On Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday I prepared a HUGE meal – enough to have leftovers in between. If they didn’t like it, they could make themselves a sandwich or something else. On the weekends, we hardly saw them.

~Each family has to sort out the in’s and outs and the little things that help contribute to the positive function & flow of a household. It can begin early!
And each family has different needs; and then, it has to change-up as they grow up.

If anyone complains about the food, 

be sure to include them the next time you shop for groceries.

A very important job!

Let’s make more room for FUN!

If your home is out of control and you (the person-in-charge) are bogged down with too much to do and not enough fun, it’s time to change things up.

Feng Shui is about cultivating positive energy and moving/shifting things to make things work as we move through life.

Everything is Figureoutable! ~Marie Forleo

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