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Snow White; A Metaphysical Tale

January 3, 2023

We cannot thrive without proper supports!

I wanted to do something playful today. I’m going share the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs…this time a metaphysical interpretation.

Much of this insight/interpretation is taken from the writings of Florence Shovel Shinn 1870- 1938; her teachings are still relevant today.

It’s amazing how this story-movie, a fairy story, swept New York and the whole country back in 1928. The fairy tale was supposed to be for children, and yet, you know that many fairy tales are founded upon the truth.

Snow white, as you know, has a cruel step mother.

The cruel Stepmother is a METAPHORE; a negative thought form you have built up in the subconscious.

Nearly everyone has something like a cruel step mother.
Snow white’s step mother is jealous of her.

All cruel thought forms do this! They can always keep YOU in rags, in the background and pushing you down.

The Step mother consults her magic mirror everyday asking: ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall , who ‘s the fairest one of all’?
And one day, the mirror replied:

‘Though Queen, mayist fair and beautiful be, Snow White is far lovelier than thee’.

The enraged Queen decides to take action. She decides to send Snow White to the forest to be killed.

The servant’s heart melts when Snow White begs for her life and he then, leaves her alone in the forest filled with pitfalls and danger.

Yet, an unusual moment arrives when scores of delightful little animals and birds creep up and surround her: rabbits, squirrels, deer, and raccoons and such.
Snow White greets them with pleasure. They are so friendly when she tells her story; the animals lead her to a little house in the woods.

These friendly birds and animals symbolize our intuitive leads or hunches – which are always ready to ‘get you out of the woods’!

As the story goes -The little house belonged to the Seven Dwarfs; and everything was in disorder, so Snow and the animals tidied up. When the dwarfs came home that night, they asked her to remain with them to keep house and cook their meals.

The seven dwarfs symbolize the protective forces all about us!  

In the meantime, the Cruel Stepmother, the Queen, has a chat with her mirror, who informs the queen that Snow White is still alive and living with the seven dwarfs!

Moving on…

The queen disguises herself as an old hag, finds Snow White in the little cabin in the woods and tempts her with a luscious red apple.

The birds and animals endeavor to tell her not to touch it!
They give her the hunch NOT to eat the apple!

Temptation from negative forces!

FAST FORWARD –  Desire and lust take over…

Snow white takes a bite, falls into a state of unconsciousness, and it takes a handsome prince to kiss her and wake her up.
And suddenly, the Stepmother is swept away…and turns to dust.

Represents: The old thought form is dissolved and dissipated forever! The Prince symbolized the divine plan of your life!

Figure out what form of tyranny your cruel step mother is taking in your subconscious. It is some negative conviction which takes over all your affairs. Sabotage? Fear of success? Despair…?
What does this feel like?

We must learn to drown out the dreary suggestions of our (imposing) cruel Stepmother.
Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom from these negative thought forms.

Open the road to fulfillment…

~ Kathryn 


I’d love to hear your comments about comparing this story to our real lives… with real issues.

Some readers may think the whole story is a bit dated if you think of offering refuge for someone who agreed to cook and clean for seven dwarfs.
Also, the magical prince always seems to come in at the end of the crisis to ‘save the day’ and signify the outcome –living happily ever after.

What would the ‘modern day’ version be like?

Who, or what, is our ‘Prince Charming’?

Could it be anything that could magically/intuitively prompt our eyes to ‘be open’ to a new life, a new beginning, a new way of thinking and living?

Something to think about…

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