Shirin, The Reset Queen

January 8, 2022

Introducing Shirin the Reset Queen!

AN AMAZING GAL from Hawaii talks with us today about less stress, resetting our lives and taking breaks.

(She also hosts some pretty-cool Couple’s Retreats in Hawaii!)

 Intuitive Teacher and Healer

Shirin Hunt also known as the Reset Queen is an Intuitive teacher and healer with over 30 years of experience to her expansive and powerful work. Drawing on global experience and a diverse background, Shirin’s work incorporates the quantum and beyond healing techniques of ThetaHealing™, a Native American perspective on the Sacred and Hawaiian Mysticism. Her teachers include: Native American teacher/revealer Ka’chi, VYanna Stibal, founder of ThetaHealing™, Ed Kaiwi, Hawaiian Kahuna.

Because of the broad scope of her training and abilities, Shirin offers a unique combination of healing approaches, specifically tailored to each individual. For over 30 years, she works with all walks of life, from children and babies, & animals, teens, couples of all kinds, and Hollywood A-listers: anyone seeking their path of transformation.

She is a student in the art of motherhood: guiding a spiritually conscious child into full bloom. Honoring all the senses, she delights in creative cooking, introducing her native Persian elements to the tropical flavors of her Kaua’i home.


I love to find a Segway to feng shui with all my guests. As you know by now Feng Hui embraces many different types of energy in ourselves and the environment for cultivating growth, abundance, opportunities, shifting energy and sifting through cryptic messages to find what makes sense.
Moving from tangible forces, to cryptic message and beyond reveals moving into another plane… a spiritual realm to find answers.

This is where Shirin comes to us with an abundance of energy; an ENERGY that tells us so much more – a HEALER!

Shirin tells us about her background and how she became an energy healer and spiritual coach.
Enjoy the journey, Kathryn

Here’ how you can contact Shirin:

BEST E-MAIL: shirin@shirinhealing.com

WEBSITE: Reset Queen – https://www.resetqueen.com/

Social media presence: theresetqueen – https://www.instagram.com/theresetqueen/

Join Shirin, the Reset Queen, in Hawaii for a retreat and refreshing experiences you deserve!