Sexy Money

Sexy Money

February 5, 2022

Wendy Petties has the answers…

Wendy Petties, is the ‘Date Your Money Coach’!

Since 2005, -Wendy knows that the key to having everything you desire is to create a healthy and intimate relationship – with your money – one where you feel clear, confident and competent.

After filing bankruptcy, she used her signature method, The Sexy Money Lifestyle, which highlights her skills as an MBA, Psychologist, and a Sex Educator to grow her net worth to well over 1.3 million dollars.  She now gets to empower women to improve their mindset, create habits and build skills to be able to afford whatever they desire.

She has been featured in Essence Magazine, Fast Company, Sisters From AARP,  NBC LX,  and OSchool.com.

Listen in to our interview…

Wendy Petties joined me for an interview on my podcast-  Feng Shui Your Day!
I was fortunate enough to attend one of Wendy Petties group classes last year and delighted to find her Sexy Money lifestyle (?) oozed into my life…

You fans and followers know that I like to interview different type of guests, to bring you knowledge and a great listening experience.  I also like to provide a segue to the topic … showing all of you how feng shui can be used in all walks of life, in all type of circumstances!

It’s no surprise that feng shui and money go together!

Like sisters, they walk through life with different eyes, and perhaps a different route, …but the goal is the same: walk a pure, clean honest existence; with good intentions to learn, to help and grow along the way … surround yourself with things and people you love!

~ life will reward you with abundance in more ways than you can ask for…

Here’s where you can contact Wendy Petties!

Full Company Name:   Simmer, LLC

WEBSITE: https://www.dateyourmoney.club  

THIS IS WHERE YOU JOIN ‘Date Your Money Club Memberships’ for 80% OFF! 

Social media presence:

Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/thedateyourmoneycoach

FREE Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/dateyourmoneycommunity/

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/thedateyourmoneycoach/

Your Specific Expertise and Title:

Wendy Petties, The Date Your Money Coach, Creator of the Sexy Money Lifestyle, MBA, Psychologist and Sex Educator

You too, can make a difference in the world! Thank you Wendy!