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Room by Room Rescue

April 18, 2022

Room By Room Rescue

with the Five Elements 

Are you still struggling to figure out the flow in  your space and WHAT to do about it? How to figure this out? 
There is an easy way to move through the house ‘enhancing’ and ‘boosting’ your space! 

~Taking charge of your space will cultivate the strength you need to ‘weather the storms ahead’;

and believe me, there’s more in life to come!

This 8 week COURSE is all about cultivating supports we require with the FIVE ELEMENTS! WOO HOO! My favorite topic to dissect and share with you! 

We’ll walk through each room with confidence…

Out of sorts? Frayed nerves and no time to sort it all out? Many people are feeling cramped in their space  and trying to sort out boundaries for a pleasant work-life balance.


Many of you know a bit about The Nine Areas of Life, and maybe, there’s still more questions. (And, when I first heard about this, I thought “OMG! I work and clean and  sleep; how could i possible handle Nine Areas of Life!”)  But, there’s an easier way!


Here’s the chance to deal with each room, arrange and accessorize it to work for you! I send out your notes early in the week and we’ll meet each Thursday @ 1pm for a LIVE Power Point Presentation! You can bring your questions to the class, or send them into me via e-mail. Each lesson will be recorded for replay or missed lessons.

Lesson Details:

 Colour Therapy

Shapes of our lives

Restricting poison arrows

Setup a workspace and boundaries

Ponds and water cures


Protection for Home

Protection when you Travel

The Wealth Area

Bathrooms & Kitchens

The Master Bedroom

Self Care

And more…

I hired my first Feng Shui Consultant when i remarried back in 1998! I had remarried and had trouble trying to decorate and settle into the new blended family. Feng Shui worked back then, and now, I apply these principle to my business too! I can’t wait to see how feng shui changes your life! ~ Kathryn

What the students are saying about my Group Classes:

Monica H. – Retired- I do struggle with clutter and procrastination. You’ve given me so many ideas about how to sort through things! Really precise and really helpful! It helps that I believe in myself and now, I have the courage to get started on my sewing room.  Your power point and PDF’s are excellent! Much appreciated! And, thank you for your kind words. Excellent class! It was fabulous!

Maria S. – Home Stager-  I always look forwards to Thursday! I’m having so much fun learning feng shui! Thank you! I ordered 3 Crystals for my house! Haha! I will place one in the hallway health, the other over the dining room table and the third in the laundry room/ furnace by the window (that area is wealth too) I really enjoyed the class 🙂  When does your other course start and end? So I can figure out the timing.

Ceanne J. – I.T. Specialist – Oh my! I had no idea these red rugs need to be moved to the back of the house. I look forward to hearing/learning how to put the Chi in all my areas.

Change won’t happen unless you change something!

Enrollment is OPEN for Group Classes 2023!
Room By Room Rescue only FOUR time a year:

Jan 12, 2023- Completed
May 4, 2023- OPEN for enrollment
Sept 8, 2022- OPEN TBA soon
Oct 27, 2022- OPEN TBA soon


For 8 weeks…We dive deep in to the earth’s elements (fire, water, earth, metal and wood) for answers to simple solutions. You can be your own Feng Shui Detective!

Small classes Only. We’ll shift your home in 8 weeks from chaos to clarity! A great way to move into the NEW YEAR!

Early Bird Enrollment
NOW $497.

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Taking charge of your space, is about taking charge of your Life!

Time is moving fast and if we don’t adapt, we’ll get left behind.
Embrace the Feng Shui Advantage and let’s stay out in front! 

Contact Kathryn and ask your questions. I love to help! Is this is a good fit for you?
Email kathryn@kathrynwilking.com or call: (905) 599 2693 or (778) 558 2693 to save your spot.
Prefer to ask questions in person? Let’s have a chat: https://calendly.com/kathryn-99/30min 

You too, can have a Feng Shui Day! Let’s get started! ~ Kathryn