Reframe Your Life

Reframe Your Life

March 4, 2021


Time to reboot, redo and reframe a few things?

Are you craving change these days? Many people feel stuck and unable to find their way out! For many more, there’s a milestone birthday coming up! Our kids continue to grow up and it’s SHOCKING HOW OLD THEY ARE!

As we grow, our homes need to evolve too! Our home life reveals a lot about us.

Is it time to regroup, reboot and reframe a few things?

What’s going on in your space?

Feng Shui has two components: One, that deals with the visuals (we are visual people). We straighten things, clean things to find function & Flow…. And then, look at the energy patterns and messages you send yourself (things you can’t see so much– you can feel these)

With these insights, you CAN shift your life. Move into a smoother path and Love Your Life again. -I know that Feng Shui has saved my marriage over the years!

I’ve been there. If the ‘vibration’ isn’t quite right, life can be unhappy.

I really didn’t belong in a large city, but it seemed to take forever to plan what was right for me!

SELF CARE is one of the first things to focus on: Where are your supports? Using Feng Shui, we can find them in tangible pleasu

Tips from Suzy Toronto

res, surrounding ourselves colourful plants, supportive images and colour therapy. (Things that make you smile!) And then, dive deeper. Discovering the cryptic messages we send ourselves can reveal how we can either support or sabotage our efforts.


Is it time to take a bold move and step into the next year with a positive note?

The first thing you can do is to evaluate your personal stuff: makeup, clothing and jewelry. When you are feeling better with yourself, you can take that next step into helping others.

We are all in this together, to thrive, and make the world a better place.

~ Stay in touch, Kathryn

FYI: I’m opening up another group class for Home Harmony this month, as well, a few spots for Private Sessions.

GOLD STAR Feng Shui for Life; an intensive 8 week program. with customized components for your specific needs! Reframe Your Dance!

It’s much easier to explain all these fun, amazing things happening in your space if we can have a chat. I can answer all your questions and help design a specific energy-shift for you!

Coffee break time? Let’s have a chat. Warmth, Kathryn


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