Clutter Habit Cues

January 26, 2023

Clutter Habit Cues Relating to Your Personal Element

Ever wondered why some people can thrive in a messy world, and others need a system?

Your personality reveals your unique clutter habits!
Learning how to maintain the clutter in your life will certainly help keep the clutter bugs away! Your clutter habits relate to the element characteristics: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.

~ If you relate to the descriptions below in only one element, chances are this is your dominant personal element. You’ll need to learn how to get along with others and their element, which will help to give you better perspective in the workforce.

~ If you relate to several descriptions in many elements, you have flexibility. As well, you may be more well-rounded than others. Your strengths can be found in understanding opposites regarding relationships and teamwork.

Now that you have done the Personality Element Profile, let’s look at what it may mean in terms of  clutter-busting, productivity and fulfilling ambitions:

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Nurturing Earth Energy

Snow White; A Metaphysical Tale

January 3, 2023

We cannot thrive without proper supports!

I wanted to do something playful today. I’m going share the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs…this time a metaphysical interpretation.

Much of this insight/interpretation is taken from the writings of Florence Shovel Shinn 1870- 1938; her teachings are still relevant today.

It’s amazing how this story-movie, a fairy story, swept New York and the whole country back in 1928. The fairy tale was supposed to be for children, and yet, you know that many fairy tales are founded upon the truth.

Snow white, as you know, has a cruel step mother.

The cruel Stepmother is a METAPHORE; a negative thought form you have built up in the subconscious.

Nearly everyone has something like a cruel step mother.
Snow white’s step mother is jealous of her.

All cruel thought forms do this! They can always keep YOU in rags, in the background and pushing you down.

The Step mother consults her magic mirror everyday asking: ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall , who ‘s the fairest one of all’?
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Earth Mama’s Can Cook

December 6, 2022

Good planning make holidays less stressful!

Earth Mama’s Can Cook

Are you the type of person that loves to stay in the kitchen when having guests over? You’re the one who loves to nurture, love to give and love to share! You CAN COOK!

And yet, other people, are more comfortable on the other side of the counter!

Some people just love to watch others enjoy the food, laugh as they chat and are more social-oriented, greeting others they haven’t seen in a while. It’s all good!

It does take many hands to put together a holiday meal. Many cooks who enjoy cooking ‘most days’, have an overwhelming task ahead of them when entertaining.

When diving deep in the Five Element’s Personalities, you’ll know that we are all different. Therefore, not everyone HAS or DESIRES culinary skills to help out.

We still need to ask for help. Expect help. But, be clear about your expectations.

If you are asking for contributions for the dinner, please be clear; you don’t need 5 types of potatoes for example. Ask for a food category item: vegetable, salad, potatoes, squash, dessert or buns for example. Be open minded.

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The Magic of Fire Elements

The Magic of Fire Elements


Summer time is all about excitement, laughter, sunshine and being outside!
When fall arrives, we venture inside. And yet, we still need the Fire-element in our lives. We NEED the spark!

What draws us this to this light, this spark, this mesmerizing element?

The fire-element is no-doubt the most exciting element!


What attracts us to fire?

It’s bright! It’s light! And, the fire-energy moves upwards!
You can’t help yourself; it commands attention away from all the other elements!

Outside, you many be drawn to fireworks and bon fires in wonder and amazement.

Inside, we’ll need to bring in other things to raise that spark: