Practical Feng Shui for the Office; Finding Your Individual Balance

Ode to Feng Shui

April 06, 2023

Settle in. Here’s a poem from one of my latest fans, Thirdy A. Adamson. 

Thank You so much! Kathryn

Feng Shui, Oh Feng Shui

by Thirdy A. Adamson

Feng Shui, oh Feng Shui,

A balance of energy we pursue,

To harmonize our space and view,

And make our lives feel brand new.

From the flow of chi to the placement of plants,

Feng Shui has its rules and chants,

To enhance our homes and bring good luck,

It’s not just a trend, it’s worth a buck!

A cluttered space brings cluttered thoughts,

But a clear space, oh how it sorts,

Our minds and hearts, and brings us joy,

A little feng shui can be a powe.....Read More

Woo Woo?

March 9, 2023

Breathe in fresh energy wherever you go, even if you cannot see; just feel…

Woo-Woo? (Weird stuff we can’t see…)

The main intention of this blog is about encouraging you to look at things differently. And then, seize the opportunity to take charge of your own space, your stuff and your life!

We started with the First layer of Feng Shui; learning about Function and Flow.
The Second layer was about the cryptic messages we send ourselves though color, shapes and images.
The Third, is the spiritual component, also known as ‘woo- woo’ (weird stuff we cannot see).

~ Feng Shui does include ‘things you cannot see’;

this level touches on many things.

Many Feng Shui Experts combine several metaphysical things into their services. Anything from ergonomics, safety issues, numerology, face reading, dowsing, pendulum, reiki, space clearing, meditation, blessing rituals and more.

When you are ‘in tune’ with the energy of .....Read More

Nurturing Earth Energy

Moving Forwards into Spring

March 7, 2023

A Feng Shui crystal is round and multifaceted; numerous light refraction areas will bring rainbows into your space, all year round!

We are quickly moving into the Spring Equinox March 20th . Time to tidy up and place enhancements in your space; get your space working for you! Think of enhancements as attention-getters. Feng Shui has an assortment of choices that can bring attention to your space and help to reinforce intentions. Move forwards with intention this year. The intention is not to turn your space into a Chinese Circus! Choose only the ones that make sense to you in each space.

“What would the world be like without any enhancements?”

– my friend, Marjory Schurman –

Let’s get set up for cultivating Wealth and Abundance!

Positive thinking is the first step to setting clear boundaries for your goals and what you wish to achieve. This is a starting point to setting ‘cures and enhancements’ for the things you desire. Positive thinking will help ‘make the shift’ in many areas, creating a ripple effect. I challenge my clients and podcast listeners to better themselves 1% each day. Just 1%! In fact, if that is too much to imagine, start small. Shift your mind by 1% each week!

If you made an effort each day to better yourself even 1%, you’d feel better. You’ll have more energy, more focus and when properly rested, you’ll be able to make sound decisions and help others. It’s a WIN-WIN! Your insight will be a new tool for life! You, and only you, can decide which issues to address inside in order to move forwards. When you.....Read More