Nurturing Earth Energy

Ode to Feng Shui

Settle in. Here’s a poem from one of my latest fans, Thirdy A. Adamson. 

Thank You so much! Kathryn

Feng Shui, Oh Feng Shui

by Thirdy A. Adamson

Feng Shui, oh Feng Shui,

A balance of energy we pursue,

To harmonize our space and view,

And make our lives feel brand new.

From the flow of chi to the placement of plants,

Feng Shui has its rules and chants,

To enhance our homes and bring good luck,

It’s not just a trend, it’s worth a buck!

A cluttered space brings cluttered thoughts,

But a clear space, oh how it sorts,

Our minds and hearts, and brings us joy,

A little feng shui can be a powerful ploy.

So let’s arrange our furniture with care,

And breathe in some fresh, clean air,

Invite abundance, love, and wealth,

With Feng Shui, it’s all about health.

Let the energy flow, let it dance,

In every corner, give it a chance,

To create a space that feels just right,

Feng shui is the art of delight.

So don’t hesitate, just give it a try,

Your home will thank you, with a sigh,

Of relief, of peace, of balance too,

Feng Shui, oh Feng Shui, we love you!

May your home be filled with Feng Shui grace,

And your life be a harmonious, well-designed space.

Let the energy flow and the good vibes shine through,

With Feng Shui, anything is possible, it’s true!

Thank You, Thirdy Adamson 

~ Kathryn