Nurturing Earth Energy

Nurturing Earth Energy

by Kathryn Wilking

Practical Feng Shui For The Office

I spoke with a new client this past week that seemed rather wistful when she told me that she didn’t have any children. This can be a touchy and often emotional subject for many people

Feeling a bit ‘empty’ is not only for people who don’t have children, but for empty-nesters, those with few close friends and for others simply looking for a change from their day jobs. We all have a need to give love and share with one another… it’s not just reserved for babies!

Let’s talk about the Earth element.

The earth personal-element expresses itself in nurturing, kindness, organization, accountability and compassion.  A person who has their dominant personal element as Earth will often feel that taking-care-of-others is their ‘service’ to the world.
They may or may not have children.

If your personal element is not Earth, but one of the others (wood, fire, metal or water), this doesn’t say that you’ll have issues being a parent. It just means that perhaps earth-element is a secondary support element; it could be developing or emerging to meet opportunities ahead.

We are human. We do feel compassion and love, so how can we share?

Rather than feeling resentful with past partners or FOMO (fear of missing out), I’d like to share with you how to experience the earth- element when you feel these tugs on your heart strings.

Nurturing is all earth-energy. For example, you could spend time working with children, animals, plants or trees. You may choose to create new recipes or graft a new rosebush. Whatever feels right.

There are SO MANY WAYS you can express and expand the feeling of nurturing and giving back. Many careers and hobbies incorporate this ‘earth quality’ that could be essential to your job:

  • Work in a Restaurant
  • Human Resources
  • Day Care teacher
  • Public school teacher
  • Nurse or Care Giver
  • Hospital Care
  • Medical Assistance in any area
  • Green house Attendant
  • Tree farm Ranger
  • Dog sitter/trainer

What you can do for fun:

  • Try new recipes
  • Grow your own herbs or foods
  • Tend to a flower garden
  • Bake for fun and share
  • Entertain at your home
  • Volunteer for youth programs
  • Volunteer at a Shelter
  • Adopt a pet
  • And more!

Here’s some actual things my friends and clients have done to incorporate their earth-mama-tug when the empty-nest syndrome kicks in, or, perhaps they just have more time.

  • One acquaintance, a retired teacher, volunteers at the local museum. She greets groups of school kids several days a week during the school year and escorts them through the museum.
  • My sister, decided to help out at the local animal rescue center and ended up bringing home a pregnant cat! She continues to enjoy this roll of birthing and fostering kittens for a full 8 weeks until they are ready to be adopted.
  • A friend’s mom took a job at the local K-Mart store. She connected with some kindred souls at the store and treats them as if they were all her daughters.
  • A client of mine decided she’d like to share her passion of painting with children and decided to give painting lessons after school.
  • Another client decided to write a children’s book.

Get outside and make magic!

Is a vegetable garden in your future? Perhaps baking bread and making granola?
Everyone has to eat, and everyone needs friends and connections…
There’s no need for FOMO in the future; you’ve got this covered!

You can nurture the earth-vibe in SO MANY WAYS!

Just get creative and find what works for you!