Moving Onwards Along the Journey

Moving Onwards Along the Journey

by Kathryn Wilking

Moving Onwards Along the Journey

Have you had ‘one of those days’ lately?? Those days that you want to get things DONE, and yet, feels like the brakes are on…

I do know that frustration leads to NO progress, at all!

We’ve talked a lot about arranging our space with feng shui to ‘support our quest in life’, finding our true path and taking charge. SO, what happens when we aren’t going where we want to GO?

I too, get impatient. I have these great ideas!!!! And then, something gets in the way: logic, money, practical use of time, family, other…

What I’ve realized (more than once) is that you don’t have to abort all these great ideas, you can park them on a shelf for a better time that works.

There is a big universe out there that has everything timed.

I like to ponder about the Divine Plan that has been predestined for us. So, if there is a plan, why do we get side tracked? Why do we get distracted with certain people, shiny objects and more? Often, have to retrace our steps, loop back into place or even jump tracks!


If you take a look at these ‘side tracks’ and what we experienced, learned, shared with others…it isn’t always a waste of time. Support is always with you, so let’s practice slowing down and let things unroll.

If you have to ‘force’ something to happen, it may end up falling apart.

Taking the time to sort out the little-things-in-life that are important to us is always good for the soul. When we linger over an old photo album, or reflect upon the big picture in life, there’s time for growth, learning, maturing and ….so-much-more.

Shall we slow down and smell the roses too?

Many things can and DO get better when they have time to unroll with ease.

Sometimes the-little-things need to be parked for an hour, or even a week until the energy shifts.

The bigger decisions in life may need more time to unroll.

Years ago, back in the 80’s, I met a fellow who’s ‘big goal in life’ was to own a million dollars’ worth of Real Estate! In those days, houses were selling for $60,000 to $85,000. And, that was a HUGE goal! So high, it was difficult for me to imagine buying, renting and maintaining 12- 15 houses (for example).

He had a plan to purchase and rent out one house each year over ten years; and, he did get started on this! I lost track of him. As far as I know, with the amount of passion and determination, he could have done this in ten years.

Yet, many of us are not happy to wait TEN YEARS to get what we want. As well, there’s so much more to maneuver any bumps in the way to distract and slow us down all-the-time!

Have you ever written out a to do list that seemed impossibly-impossible? Things that HAVE to get done?
Walk away from this list for a minute or two. Look at the sky, inhale fresh air, have some water…. and then, look at the list again.
I’ll bet you can push some of these items into the next day, next week, or even to the shelf!

Take the pressure off yourself and allow these speed bumps to help slow down and guide you through the day.

Remember that time is only relevant to you. You are one who sets the invisible goals and deadlines. Is there something else going on in your life? Distractions? Need more time to gather information?

Breathe. (We talked about some breathing techniques a few weeks ago…inhale for 4 counts, hold for 4, exhale for 8.)

Learning more about feng shui, and how to live a life with less stress is a great goal to have!

Get the feng shui advantage and things will get better for you.

You decide where to go; the next steps on your journey await.

~ Kathryn

FYI: Both images were taken from the Sacred Traveler Oracle Cards by Denise Linn