Nurturing Earth Energy

Moving Forwards into Spring

March 7, 2023

A Feng Shui crystal is round and multifaceted; numerous light refraction areas will bring rainbows into your space, all year round!

We are quickly moving into the Spring Equinox March 20th . Time to tidy up and place enhancements in your space; get your space working for you! Think of enhancements as attention-getters. Feng Shui has an assortment of choices that can bring attention to your space and help to reinforce intentions. Move forwards with intention this year. The intention is not to turn your space into a Chinese Circus! Choose only the ones that make sense to you in each space.

“What would the world be like without any enhancements?”

– my friend, Marjory Schurman –

Let’s get set up for cultivating Wealth and Abundance!

Positive thinking is the first step to setting clear boundaries for your goals and what you wish to achieve. This is a starting point to setting ‘cures and enhancements’ for the things you desire. Positive thinking will help ‘make the shift’ in many areas, creating a ripple effect. I challenge my clients and podcast listeners to better themselves 1% each day. Just 1%! In fact, if that is too much to imagine, start small. Shift your mind by 1% each week!

If you made an effort each day to better yourself even 1%, you’d feel better. You’ll have more energy, more focus and when properly rested, you’ll be able to make sound decisions and help others. It’s a WIN-WIN! Your insight will be a new tool for life! You, and only you, can decide which issues to address inside in order to move forwards. When you raise the vibration for yourself, you’ll raise the vibration in the environment around you too!

Your words will also influence the energy vibration in self, people around you and the environment. Successful people use passionate adjectives when talking about wealth. Words like fortunate, good luck, auspicious, promising, prosperous and favorable are often used in decisive reasoning. With practice, successful people will place an intention, and take action, in key areas of their lives where they desire opportunities, enhancements and reinforcements.

Note: In order for you to receive, intentions for abundance and wealth should be manifested with purpose, gratitude and for the greater good. Have a plan, and yet, be open for expansion! Cleaning up requires a deep clean in all areas. You need to cull/purge/remove/gift/toss or shift any tangible items and their energy around you to make change. You’ve heard this before: Clean your space and clear out the clutter. Surround yourself with ONLY the things that you love and will support your intentions.

Handle each item personally and select the things you want to keep in the new energetic space. Clean and reorganize these items with good intentions to keep the ‘new space’ special. The action of cleaning is such a simple and practical way for you to take control; on your Wealth Area or another area of life. (A win-win either way.) This cleaning-up is a positive action to sift out what you really need and really want! Each room, whether it be your office, the dining room or the bedroom, will come with its own challenges to find what makes sense. For an expanded version of cures and enhancements check out The Expanded Bagua.

Tip: With a solid attitude and a solid plan, any nay-sayers will not have any influence over your goals. Be firm with what feels best for you.

Enjoy the sunshine on your journey,