Moon Magic with Trisha

Moon Magic with Trisha

December 20, 2021



Greetings! I’d love for you to meet one of my Teachers and Mentors in Feng Shui!

Trisha Keel is a Teacher of the Wisdom; Feng Shui Master, Holistic Life Coach, and Author of several books.  Trisha Keel is a natural-born teacher who is also a master teacher, a teacher of the wisdom, and a feng shui master. A lifelong student, she still thrills to the joy of learning and knows how to share it. With over 50 years of teaching experience, she lights up every group of students she encounters.


Witness the transformation not just with tangible arrangements, but within ourselves; by adapting a Feng Shui lifestyle reveals ways of coping as we maneuver through our journey through life.

There are several different schools of Feng Shui, sort of like different types of music or dance.

And, you may felt in the past that some answers to questions may be conflicting, like a road map; and yet, even thou there may be a different route, the intention is still the same:  to purposefully arrange the energy within us and the environment to cultivate positive function and flow, to better ourselves and others to follow -living clean, healthy, abundance lives.
Trisha Keel has unrolled the mystery of MOON MAGIC and created a Planning Calendar for us all to utilize to get the ‘heads’ up for next year!

Stay on top of the roller coaster; don’t be left behind!

Check out Trisha’s classes; there’s one just for you! ~ Kathryn

Cover for 2022 Planning Calendar

Inside the Planning Calendar

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FENG SHUI & MOON MAGIC 2022 Planning Calendar through AMAZON.com

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