Magic 8: Jewelry Can Work For You

Magic 8: Jewelry Can Work For You

February 22, 2021

What do you do with all the jewelry collected over the years?

Magic 8: Jewelry Can Work for You.

(This post is inspired by a question from last month to Ask Kathryn.)

Q: Kathryn, I’m wondering what to do about all my jewelry sitting in boxes. I’m done working and much of these are so nice, I hate to part with them. Any suggestions? ~ Monica Hightower

A: Great Question, Monica. First, the obvious, sort aside any broken and damaged items from the ones you wish to keep. Some pieces may be valuable, and you can inquire about selling them.  You may set aside a few items aside to pass onto relatives or even send to the Good Will.

Regarding the lovely pieces that you wish to keep, I can help make they work for you!  I’ve made a few suggestions below.

Jewelry carries a vibration. It can be sentimental, provoking memories and good times, or can be seen as an acquisition of wealth and abundance. I find amazing ‘costume jewelry’ to embrace into my possession, and also, ‘the real stuff’ in every shape and form. Quartz pieces, or precious stones have a vibration –similar to the mechanics of a quartz -driven watch… very subtle, and it never stops!

Quartz is easily made into earrings, bracelets and necklaces; they all raise vibration and provide support in our days. A popular choice! Non-vibrational materials of the man-made type, may not have the vibration, but they CAN bring deep emotional support to the wearer. (due to other memories or attachment related to the piece.)

Wearing jewelry raises-the-bar and makes us feel good! Don’t have to wait for a job interview or a special ZOOM call to view your precious collection; let’s get your favorites out into the sunlight and bring joy to YOU every day!

 Utilize Your Jewelry Each DAY with these ideas:

  *Earrings: Makes a great ‘screen saver’. Place oversized earrings or odd-matches on an actual screen to bring a little ‘bling’ into the bedroom. Here’s an idea from my friend Barb: she places ONE oversized earring on her back door screen so people don’t walk into it! Great idea Barb!

  • Earrings: Make them into ‘lamp jewelry’. Place your favorites, or odd-matches onto a lamp shade. Match earrings with your décor and enjoy the sparkle.
  • Beaded Necklaces: Short ones can be used to decorate a hat, dress-up teddy or your favorite (plush) giraffe, cat, flamingo, etc .
  • Beaded Necklaces: Longer ones can be used to decorate plant pots, or use as tie-backs for draperies.
  • Pendant Necklaces: Lamp jewelry can hang from the finial at the top; drape over a lamp shade, or drop through the shade towards the base.
  • Odd bracelets, strings of pearls or precious stones that are heavy: place in a clear, fancy dessert glass and display where ever you choose. Look at your desk-top, bathrooms, fireplace, dining area, etc. to find where they fit best.
  • Odd items, strings of pearls or fun colour: Mix these items on a book shelf or with existing décor. Trail them around vases, books or Knick-knacks for colour interest or drama.
  • Day to Day: Display your favorites so that you WILL wear them! Having them out will provide a visual and will make your FEEL GOOD!

– Just pick something out and wear it today!

Get ‘dressed up’ for dinner by putting on earrings and a necklace with your t-shirt! Try it tonight!


The main point is to find EASY WAYS to cultivate joy and less-stress each and every day! Any way you CAN!

Here’s a Flip Book to show you more visuals! Copy this for your records and let’s have some FUN getting your jewelry working for you! https://book.designrr.co/?id=60839&token=293413631&type=FP

Warmth, Kathryn

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