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Lucky? Maybe yes, maybe no!


I was reminded last week of an old parable from WAY Back. I can’t remember the original source. But thought I’d share…

It‘s about optimism, but yet, not taking things for granted either.

An old farmer, Joe, decades ago had a farm helper in the form of a large cow. The townspeople all thought he was very lucky to have such a healthy animal to help him on the farm.

Farmer : “Maybe yes, Maybe no”.

One night, the cow was stolen. Really?
The towns people assembled, hmm. Too bad, in fact, bad luck for you Joe. Joe replied’ maybe yes, maybe no.

About a week later, a huge sand storm rolled through and brought with it a pack a wild horses rushing through town.  Father, cried Joe’s son, I managed to lasso 2 horses for us as they ran through!
And the townspeople turned once again to Joe, Lucky you! You have 2 horses to help you.
Father- Maybe yes, maybe no.

And then, the son went out to try and brake in one of the wild horses, He was thrown from the saddle and broke his leg. Again the townspeople were quick to assess this; Old man Joe, you have such bad luck with your farm. Very bad luck indeed.
And the farmer replied maybe yes, maybe no.

The next week, a war was declared. The army came by to scoop up all the young men to go to war. When they got to Joe’s farm, his son could not walk because of his broken leg. They left the boy on the farm. Lucky, says Joe. Maybe Yes, maybe no… and the story continues.

What is great about this parable? No anger, no shame, no shouting or bad behavior. Clean and simple.

In this crazy world of uncertainty and unrest, much of our angst, worry, micro management. Let life unroll as it should…

The message – give thanks every day, and ride through the storms…

Try to do things that make you happy and learn to let go. I know, it is a TOUGH thing to do. Be thankful, be grateful as we move into fall….that’s where the harvest and thanksgiving comes into play. Embrace what is important TODAY.

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Life gets easier when you stop looking for trouble, anger and controlling issues.

Enjoy the journey, wherever it takes you, feng shui works wherever you are.

Life can be better…

See you next week,