Is Your Home Becoming a No-Thrive Zone?

Is Your Home Becoming a No-Thrive Zone?

September 8, 2021


Yep, crazy times. It’s been a while since I talked to many of you about this. I have some time to think about this.

I’ve been observing changes in the family unit so I can help…

Sad that many of us are still unable to connect with family and friends.

Which has given me the time to make notes…

I wish to tell you about my observations, not just about classic Feng Shui, this does affect the energy in the homes. This about changes to the immediate households in these shifting times.

~In the past year, while moving our work space into our homes, then, adding more devises and modems… our houses are slowly becoming a no-thrive zone.

Reality: the amount of Electro-Magnet Fields in our homes has quadrupled* in the last two years.

EMF’s is the acronym for Electro-Magnet Fields – a type of light radiation that transmits a connection between our modem, hotspots and our many devices.

You can’t see it, but it’s there. You can open your phone or PC and click on ‘connections’ to see yourself – how many OTHER hosts are active around you within only a few feet!

In a home, you are affected just by bringing in more ‘wireless’ items. Life is so easy now that we have a wireless mouse, wireless printer, Bluetooth technology and so much more… but please be aware.

I don’t mean to scare you but these EMF’s can walk through walls! Even in smaller spaces, your device can pick up the pulse from another condo unit, business unit or restaurant and more. Excessive exposure has been researched in the last 20 years and there’s now results: these EMF’s DO our affect immune systems and brain health. It also affects the development of children brains. It can be scary.

If you are looking for data or proof, one can use an ELF meter, like the one I have, or dowsing rods can certainly track down any personal interferences. I can put this meter on the side of my device and watch the needle record this issue.

Recognizing this is one step, and I’ll give you some tips here so you can take action.

First, notice the number of devices in your home: cell phones, tablets, PC, X box’s, home security things, modems and anything that connects or can connect to a wireless connection.

~Minimize your on-line time if you can. I know how easy it is to get distracted!

We’re all connected to wi-fi or hot-spots everywhere in the house.

I work at my PC, it is automatically connected (just easier when working with several APP’s at a time)

If I wish to take a break, I can easily run downstairs to get a coffee, open my tablet to catch the news reel, then check my phone. When I’m finished my coffee, I’m back on the computer… Um…think about it, it’s not really a BREAK from EMF’s at all!

If you can make an effort to shut down some of these items at different times of the day, that would be smarter to break the endless pulsing. It also makes sense to charge your devices in a separate space, particularly the 8hrs you spend in bed. This rest time should be time to give your body a rest from the excessive pulses during the day.

And please, get the modem out from under the bed; not good at all for a full night sleep. Find another spot for the modem, so you can sleep.

** Another no-thrive zone in the family unit is meals. Many families are not connecting even once a day! Mealtime is a perfect time to slow down, set aside the devices and connect for 20-30 min! Even with two people, you can take the time to connect and reconnect in your day; rather than isolating yourselves even further?

Everyone can love their home!

Let’s recap SUCCESS TIPS for the week:

  1. Talk to your family regularity even if they don’t live with you. It’s important!
  2. Trim computer/modem/Wi-Fi time.
  3. Have dinner with a loved one.
  4. Continue to learn more about living with less –stress and loving your home.

Together we can make the world a better place.

Play safe and have fun, Kathryn

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