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Find Your Power Position

Find Your Power Position; Taking Charge

Hi, there! Do you ever have the feel that something isn’t quite right? Chances are, you are probably correct?
Sometimes, our expectations shift; and you’re not sure quite what happened!

TODAY you can begin to take charge and change things by finding your power position!

~ I’m posting on the World Wise Wisdom channel this week – unlocking the world’s WISDOM- one story at a time!

As you may already know, I’m a Feng Shui Expert, Author and Decorator, Podcast host, wife, mom and chief cook at our house. AND, I help people make sense of their space! Sometimes we need a total makeover of the space, and other times, it can be an easy fix to make things work for you. Feng Shui is practical, discrete and it works!

 Often, there is a specific issue that needs to be corrected or a puzzle to be solved. The top 3 problems people have these days are with finances, relationships and HEALTH. Feng Shui can help with all of this and MORE!

 ~ TODAY, we are talking about being in charge; finding the POWER POSITION!

When something (a room, a situation or a person) feels uncomfortable, chances are YOU are correct! Something IS OFF BALANCE!

Our sub-conscious mind picks up on all these signals!

One thing you can DO to take back control is to assess the situation and place yourself in a power position.

So, how the heck does one do that?

First, lets look at the common stuff around people in power.

People that are ‘elevated’ are usually the ones in power, such as a judge, prime minister, the queen on her throne…. You know the drill.

Well, for us more-regular folks, it works a similar same way: people-in-charge DO get the BEST SEATS! A supervisor, or the leader gets the best chair at the end of the board-room-table; because they are in charge.

The Power Position is often called the Command Position in feng shui, as well; the people in these positions make the decisions.

The head of the family in a formal meal, also gets situated at the end of the table; you’ll notice that is where you’ll find formal chairs with arm rest; a situation often reserved for holiday meals.

So how does this work? How can we learn to grab the power position?

Well, here is the trick.

  • How many times have you gone into a coffee shop, lunch stop or even a formal meal, and groan – all the best seats are taken! How do you size this up? Well, You already KNOW!
  • Just having your back protected will put your self conscious at ease. In order for you to be relaxed, confident and comfortable, position yourself with your back to a wall.

Have you noticed: whenever you go in a restaurant; almost everyone wants to sit in the booth. A booth is where your back is protected; no one will be walking behind you in/out kitchen for example… no surprises! You can see everything…

Woman Working in a Café

If there isn‘t a booth available, the seats around the walls of the restaurant are taken first… and when they are filled, the default seats are usually the ones in the middle.

You’ll also notice that people in a booth tend to stay longer and they spend more money; as they are confident and more comfortable in this ‘safer space’.

Higher end restaurants often provide privacy screens and wall dividers so their clients will stay longer, order extra drinks, desserts and of course, spend more, tips more.
If you are planning a sensitive discussion or need privacy, choosing booth or reserving a booth, is a great idea…as it should be private and calmer than other options.

If you do stop into a busy coffee shop, you won’t stay very long. You’ll most likely take the coffee and the sensitive discussion outside …

SO, how do we bring this information about power positions into the home? Can we use this information in our own homes? ~Absolutely!

We don’t have to be elevated on a throne or a high top chair, we can be in charge of our own little nest, per se, just by choosing to sit in a power spot sitting in a proper chair. TIP: Choose to sit in a spot where you can be with a straight spine and good lighting. Bar stools don’t count as a ‘best place to seat’.

DID YOU KNOW: Choosing to sit facing into the room, rather than face a wall, with your back protected with a chair/couch can actually be beneficially to reduce stress and anxiety. Yes!
Years ago, as a form of punishment, a child would be set in a corner to wait; having their back exposed and unable to see what was going on!!

What about your desk?

Yes, of course, place your desk in the power position too! Do not push your desk into a corner like you are being punished…. turn it around, face the room, expand your phoenix vision; you need to know what’s going on in!

Be sure: If you are ever trying to TALK about something really important – spouse, employer, contractor… stand, or sit, with your back protected!

And, also,…. YOU CAN Move this power spot into the bedroom!

Take the time to arrange YOUR BED into a position to have your head protected and with a proper headboard; this maximum support will create a space for mental rest, keeping the sub-conscious calm and being charge …

Having a strong headboard will also help. DO NOT placing your head under a window, under a beam, or sloped ceiling. Protect the head, and protect your thoughts as good slumber is SO important.

What about the living room? Figure out WHERE you need to be; what is the purpose? Is this area for TV viewing? Knitting or crafts? Watching the fireplace?

AND THEN< Position your favorite chair into the POWER POSITION.

IDEA< Buy yourself a chair that will be you favorite; colour and texture and SIZE – scale matters that you need.

You can put yourself into a POWER POSITION ANYWHERE!!! Try this out today!

If you are ever uncomfortable in a public place or having a bad date, take a look around; you are probably NOT in the power position, having a seat near the kitchen or washroom area…

Can you relate to this NOW?

SO,   –  if you can Correct the problem, do it!  OR, you can just recognize this as is; You won’t be staying there that long, You’ll be okay!

Another way you can create power in your persona is to wear a jacket or blazer, even a cardigan with a collar. When you can square off your shoulders, that gives you immediate credibility and confidence. Also, make an effort to wear lipstick and some jewelry. These items too, will draw attention to your face; you’ll be seen and heard!

YOU are going to create history tomorrow and everyday after that. Think about it, everyday is an opportunity to experience to better yourself!

Together we can make change; and together we can make this world a better place.

Today we introduce The Feng Shui Advantage. This book is about taking charge, thinking positive and raise good vibrations that can benefit us all.

My new book will be released in May 20231

Learn more about feng shui, take charge, get the advantage and get your space working for you!

You TOO can Have a Feng Shui Day!


P.S. One way to thrive in this crazy world is to take charge of your space; and then, you’ll see how this really is about taking charge of your life.