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Feng Shui Means Business

January 17, 2022

Kathryn Wilking, Pam Prior

Tables are turned today as Pam Prior interviews me on her show Snack ‘n Learn through Priorities Group Inc.

Pam has a large group of heart-centered followers who love learning new tricks to help raise the bar, in order to thrive in their business!

Feng Shui Means Business! Did you catch the interview yesterday?

I was interviewed by Pam Prior on her Snack ‘n Learn program!

Tons of tips and insight for you to take charge and ‘make the shift’ into 2022! WOO HOO! Love it if you could comment; leave your take-aways on this site!

Learn more about:

  • The Power Position
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Paper Management
  • Electro-magnetic Field radiation (from all the devices and hotspots)
  • Wall images- cryptic messages you send yourself

BE A DETECTIVE in your own space! You can DO THIS!

Embrace 2022:  send the impact you need to make in the world.


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