Embrace Each Day

Embrace Each Day

I’d like to introduce my guest,
Kristi Stangeland!

Kristi Stangeland is the author of Embrace Each Day with Peace and Calm: A Simple Guide to Meditation for Busy Women. She founded My ParaVita, to share her knowledge of insights so women can discover more opportunities for success and personal fulfillment through meditations, wellness retreats and the My ParaVita Circle membership.

The segue: I always like to make a segue connection with my guests, their topic and (of course) Feng Shui. As you may know by now, Feng Shui is not at religion, but it does have Bon and Buddhism roots. Their teachings are based on good, clean, ethical living; respecting the people, animals and trees in the environment- and continuous learning to move through life to create a better future.

One of the components not-so-talked about is Meditation. Meditation is a way to BE quiet, calm down and learn to receive.

This is where Kristi Stangeland comes in today.

Hello Kristy!

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Company Name:   My ParaVita

WEBSITE: www.myparavita.com

Social media presence: insta: @myparavita

LinkedIn: kstangeland

FB: kristi.stangeland and business: KristiStangelandEasyTransformation