Earth Mama’s Can Cook

Earth Mama’s Can Cook

December 6, 2022

Good planning make holidays less stressful!

Earth Mama’s Can Cook

Are you the type of person that loves to stay in the kitchen when having guests over? You’re the one who loves to nurture, love to give and love to share! You CAN COOK!

And yet, other people, are more comfortable on the other side of the counter!

Some people just love to watch others enjoy the food, laugh as they chat and are more social-oriented, greeting others they haven’t seen in a while. It’s all good!

It does take many hands to put together a holiday meal. Many cooks who enjoy cooking ‘most days’, have an overwhelming task ahead of them when entertaining.

When diving deep in the Five Element’s Personalities, you’ll know that we are all different. Therefore, not everyone HAS or DESIRES culinary skills to help out.

We still need to ask for help. Expect help. But, be clear about your expectations.

If you are asking for contributions for the dinner, please be clear; you don’t need 5 types of potatoes for example. Ask for a food category item: vegetable, salad, potatoes, squash, dessert or buns for example. Be open minded.

The Earth Mama (Hostess) of the family will do most of the organizing and prep work, because that’s what they do best! Their super-power is about arbitrating different forces in the family!

Here’s how to get the tasks delegated:

Wood people are extraverts and have high energy; ask this type of person to be a greeter, hang up coats and/or get everyone a drink or appetizer.

Fire people love a party! Ask them to take charge of the music and some decorations or the centerpiece.

Metal people are a bit quieter. They may be more interested in helping with a puzzle in the next room or watching the TV. You can bet they are also watching the time; when is dinner?

Water people are generally the senior folks at the holiday events. They’ve already done it all and are happy to sit in an armchair and witness the events. They are happy to talk about holidays in the past, tell stories about some of the other relatives growing up and how things were in the ‘old days’. And perhaps send out some profound words of wisdom…

Last holiday, Thanksgiving, it was nice to see one of our key matriarchs pass over the task of cooking the giant turkey- to her daughters. My hubby and I were invited guests, and looking around, it seems like we are quickly moving into the water-people-element for all of the upcoming family gatherings! Oh my!

Time is flying by! Enjoying the family holiday gatherings doesn’t have to be stressful. Embrace everyone’s difference and enjoy how they are growing up into their unique selves.

~ For the host/hostess, this is the time to embrace the Earth Mama inside of us!

You just have to take the time to PLAN and figure out the element dynamics.

Happy Holidays! 

Warmth, Kathryn






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