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Clearing Clutter Tips

March 7, 2022


Good morning! We’ve been talking about thinking positive and moving forwards in life. Taking charge of the things we can, to make life just a bit better for one more day.

Feng Shui isn’t just about gold coins and flowers…and certainly, it’s not about throwing things OUT. It’s about maintaining a positive function and flow in your environment in order to thrive in life, not just survive!

You see we are very visual human beings. Taking care of ourselves, And our environment does affect our moods, our passions our goals in life.
I’m going to challenge you listeners today to cull or purge 10 % of your stuff.

Seriously, our homes are STUFFED!

Whether this be the fact that
A) Buying in bulk – things are on SALE, not necessary what we want
B) Falling for the words; Limited edition. Buy more and save. Last day for …
C) Some people like to collect things, and I see it all the time… That’s ok to collect things… but think of the ‘storage space’ , maintenance…
D) Guilt …keeping things that have been gifts or inherited items.
The toughest topic of all is sentimental items: Sentimental clutter consists of things that have no practical use in your life. Their only purpose is as a reminder of bygone times. They keep you stuck in the past.

Each one of these things, you’ve brought into your house and YOU need to deal with them.
So, let’s start with an easy category: books.
Many people have been collecting books over the years. They buy them, or receive them as gifts, read it or not, and don’t know what to do with them.
Books can be tricky. Because they are paper, they can absorb, moisture, odor and house little bugs if left outside. THEY DO need a controlled temperature if they are going to stay clean.
It happens so quickly, particularly after a move, they stay in their boxes, in the basement or garage, with no where to go.
just for today, I encourage you to take all your books off the shelf, ONE shelf at a time (this may take a few hours or days)
ASSESS each one. Did you read it? Do you want to keep it? Are you finished with it?
And then, set aside the books your finished with and continue. I’m not suggesting your through out your collection, but pass the items along to a used book store, Good Will or similar…so these books can get into the hands of others that can appreciate them…before they DO have to hit the landfill.
What you’ll find is …when you release 10% or more of your stuff.

A) You ARE in charge of your space and what is in your environment.
B) More importantly, that ‘space’ that you’ve opened up in your life… is now OPEN for new things, opportunities, relationships and MORE!By regularly purging just 10% of your items each year/season you can stay in change of YOUR Life…. Open the door for opportunities to move forwards and thrive!

By creating a work-life balance to reduce stress, you’ll allow more productivity, and better relationships down the road.

Still stuck? Take the Clutter Habit Quiz!


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You’ll find out more where your clutter-traps really are!

You too, can have a feng shui day!

~ Kathryn