Bless the Mess

Bless the Mess

April 1, 2022

Bless the Mess! Give Thanks!

And, carry on…

How are you today?

 I Know, no one is perfect all the time!

Life gets in the way and things happen!

Our moods fluctuate, body temperatures change. It’s about the Ups and Downs!  I thought this was a good time to talk about these things. The Ups and Downs!

Spring is here and life ‘should’ be more uplifting and more energetic…invigorating…(sigh)

It was 9 years ago this spring, when my hubby fell off a ladder and broke his pelvis. I was in a training weekend in Alberta when I got the news.
I flew back into trio of chaos! Things at home began to spiral out.

Turns out, the roofers we hired walked off the job, which is why Steve went up the ladder. Our old dog Jasper was on his last few weeks of his life and required some palliative care, and now, hubby ends up in the hospital -for a full 10 days.

WOW… just getting back and forth to the hospital took a large part of the day.

One night I looked around the house… dishes in the sink (I thought it made sense to save up and do them all at once –backfired.) There were bags of garbage at the back door waiting to go out – I was just too tired to take them to the curb just then…I thought – yep, my hubby’s life was on hold at this time, and so was mine!

What’s going to happen when he gets back home?


For all you ‘people in charge’ that are looking after others, it feels like you are the only sane one in the house, I DO understand. Completely.

That’s where the mind set stuff comes in. Feng shui shows you how to look at things differently… shift your mind and shift your life!

Through all this, I remembered My mother –in- law Ginny… I still remember the poem she had on the wall:

God bless the dirty dishes as they have a tale to tell.

By this stack of evidence, we are eating rather well!

Bless this Mess, I thought. Yes, Bless the MESS!

Bless all the abundance in this space; the dishes, the garbage, the toys, pillows, furniture and clothes, cars and neighbors and family… and so much more…

Our lives ARE so abundant. Everything in our homes, we’ve brought in ourselves and STILL sometimes, life can be overwhelming!

~ We need to lighten the load.

Bless the Mess. And then, continue on your journey.

During these Covid years, I’ve listen to so many stories about homes, lives spinning out of control and relationships breaking up under the stress. And it’s sad.

Let’s take this new energy and harness it for change, for good clean living. Feng Shui can help.

Life has it’s ups and down. Enjoy every moment that you can…

New programs are coming up this month that I designed to help with your stress levels.  Learning new habits to reduce stress will boost your energy, productivity and therefore, help YOU cultivate better, positive relationships – all to support you better.

My hubby made a full recovery; but I learned a few things experiencing that curve ball spiral sideways. I’ll remember this.

Be open to Bless the Mess when things spin out of control.

Be open to make change.

Have a great week!

Warmth, Kathryn