A B C for Personal Growth

A B C for Personal Growth

February 8, 2021

Moving Forwards for Personal Growth

It’s all been done before.

Clean the house. Get organized. Set your goals; wear crystals, and bracelets to help.

Plan for abundance coming into your space.

And then, the spiral:

Self doubt.


Questions unanswered.


What if…

Before you know it, your support system fades away…

You are fighting your own battles; alone.


Whether this disruption is due to business or personal issues, there are steps to take along the journey to move you forwards to better ones-self; and many of these steps need to be taken alone. (With the covid restrictions in place, we don’t need another reminder that sets us up for ‘alone’.)


A client of mine from a few years ago set herself up to cultivate success, and then, began having sleep issues; she’d be hysterical and shaking to the core.
While Feng Shui does wonders for visual validation, clarity, supports and purpose in a tangible way, it also reveals an energy of everything else, including a deep dive into soul and self-worth.

My client (anonymous) gave me very descriptive details about her reoccurring dream. We checked her bedroom for weird entities, EMF’s and other personal interference lines but found everything in ‘normal range’.


But there was more to see. (simplified version)

Her descriptive dream waving a huge sword to fight off a single demon was very real! As I interpreted these layers, it was very clear that she lost her voice! Somewhere along the path, something ‘in her’ didn’t embrace the new plan and the new self! This was truly her own battle to figure out!

Climbing out of your spiral works if you have a plan!  

I explained a walking meditation using the A B C’s. I’ve used this sequence many times in my practise, but this time, I explained it’s use for Self Growth.

First, I asked her to put down the sword:

~ “It’s time to put down the sword. It’s time to stop playing this game. Just stop. I need you to put down the sword, and then, step over it.”

Second, start walking. ‘Using the very powerful I AM, we are going to stand tall, strut our stuff and go through every letter of the alphabet declaring your Self Worth’.

Third, stand tall. Keep walking. I AM stopping this spiral.

  • Make your A B C  Statements. (walk as slow or as quick as you like)

I AM Amazing.

I AM Bold.

I AM Courageous.

I AM Determined.

I AM Energized.

I AM Fantastic.

I AM Grateful.

I AM Happy.

I AM Incredible.

I AM Justified

I AM Kind

I AM Likable.

I AM Marvellous.

I AM Natural.

I AM Optimistic.

I AM Positive.

I AM Queen.

I AM Remarkable.

I AM Sensational.

I AM Terrific.

I AM Unstoppable

I AM Victorious.

I AM Wonderful.

I AM Xtraordinary!

I AM Youthful.

I AM Zesty – I love Zumba!

Before she knew it, my client had walked (mentally) out of that dark valley and into the sunshine! Those 27 (1+26) statements/declarations helped focus on the positive qualities she needed to bring her back up to the living!

You can use this exercise in your life in different ways.

~Twenty-seven, as we know now, is a very powerful number, combined with powerful statements, adds more power.

Practical and easy, use the alphabet to ground you and focus on just YOU.

You can change the words and tone every day by using:

I AM               I CAN              I LIKE              I LOVE

In only a few days, my client was able to identify her problem and move on. She also took away this valuable walking tool to help her on the not-so-great days.

For me personally, I’m using this A B C walk more frequently this year. My isolated covid-restricted-days sometimes reveal the cloud of doubt, the unknown, trying to knock me off my plan. It takes focus to remember the alphabet AND find a word that makes sense! LOL!

I’m not a quiet, disciplined person that can easily ‘empty my mind’ like some meditative types. I feel that too much empty space can let other thoughts come through! And yet, this little exercise can be used to focus and press off distractions anytime, while walking or sitting.

I love to share what works for me, with all of you.

GO FORTH. And then, prosper in the way that is possible for you.

Warmth, Kathryn

NOTE: Feng Shui works with the tangibles and visuals that can pleasantly work for you. As well, Feng Shui can address the things you cannot see; shifting energy in many ways, to support you and your quest in life.